Children Books

Io sono il re?! 2010 Publisher: Prìncipi & Princípi. Picture book, format 21×28 hardback, 32 pages
A lion in a severe crisis of identity, which he believes to be the king of animals but is facing, always, someone who is more agile, stronger, smarter than him.
E’ più forte di me! 2011 Publisher: Prìncipi & Princípi. Picture book, format 21×28, hardback
, 32 pages
A voracious shark lets ingenuous octopus down, but at the end of the story the moral superiority of the mollusc will came out.
Coming soon: Ma perché proprio noi?

Series Compasses zoo. Publishers: Italy, Fatatrac 1987; France, Dessain et Tolra 1991; Spain, Susaeta 1991; Iran, Reihan 1989. Activity picture book, hard cover, size cm. 21×21, 32 pages
Series of three titles:
Animali Compassati Fatatrac, 1987 / Animaux compassés, Dessain et Tolra, Paris, 1991 / Animales al compas, Susaeta, Madrid, 1991
A notte tonda, Fatatrac, 1988 / La nuit ronde, Dessain et Tolra, Paris, 1991 / La noche redonda, Susaeta, Madrid, 1991
Circocircotondo, Fatatrac, 1990 / Cirquenrond, Dessain et Tolra, Paris, 1991 / Circocircular, Susaeta, Madrid, 1991
This is a book series where I represented the most common big animals, drawing them exclusively with compasses. Every single line that composes them is a circle or a section of it. Colour and volume are added by airbrush. With this book I was awarded in 1988 the Andersen Prize as best Italian illustrator.

Dino – Publisher: Italy, EL, series “Le letture dei piccoli”
Series of three titles: Piccolo Grande Dino (2000); Piccolo Grande Dino in fuga dallo zoo (2002); Piccolo Grande Dino torna a casa (2004).
I invented the character of a little dinosaur that finds itself living in our time. His adventures telling the story of the growth and discovery of the surrounding world by a cumbersome dinosaur puppy arriving from another time, rather then from another geographical space.

Il principe e il barbuto – Publisher: Piccoli, 1995 pocket-book series “Topo di biblioteca”
It tells in a grotesque way how friendship can be born from diversity.
Il Più Peloso Dei Mostri Pelosi, 1996 Publisher: Piccoli, pocket-book series “Topo di biblioteca” is my personal environmental version of the story of Yeti.
Mostri di casa mia, Publisher: Italy, Fatatrac 1991 Size cm. 21×22
A game-book where pages are alternatively punched, in order to show a detail that two different images have in common. The subject is ambiguity of forms. Imagination shows us terrifying scenes and characters, starting from a detail, that in the next page turns out to belong to everyday life’s objects.
Series Il castello degli illustrautori. 1992 Publisher: Italy, Fatatrac – Size cm 20×14, hard cover; display-castle Size cm. 35x30x30
The story of three children that go on a school excursion and end up in the middle of a lake where a monster lives. is A menacing event recurs in each story of the series, upsetting the everyday life of a child. But only thanks to his own capacities, with no need for any external help, the child will be able to rescue. The series was planned together with Camilla Torna and Simone Frasca and I contributed also as author-illustrator too.

Animali Sottosotto – Publisher: Italy, Franco Panini ragazzi 1994; France, F.P. editions 1994
Four books:
Savana; Giungla; Deserto; Oceano – Size: cm. 22×23
This is a series of punched board books, that I conceived, wrote and illustrated for pre-school children on the subject of habitats. A spiral base holds the 7 cardboard pages together. The pages grow in height so to simulate, like wings, a physical environment: wave-pages; dune-pages; grass-pages; bush-pages.

Gira e Scopri - Publisher: Italy, Giunti.
Series of four titles:
Le macchie (1989); Le strisce (1989); I tondi (1990); I fiocchi (1990) – Size: closed cm.16×16, opened cm. 64×48 approximately
This is a series of punched board books, that I conceived, wrote and illustrated. Unrolling these sort of poster-books, we realize that the detail showing in the starting page belongs to an animal, plant, or object that on its turn belongs to a landscape.

Dinosaurs and more – Publisher: Italy, Emme edizioni, series “Per cominciare”
Animali a casa loro (1996); Quando c’erano i dinosauri (1997); Tanti sport (1997); Animali della preistoria (1999); Atlante dei dinosauri (2000); Animali della fattoria (2001).
I wrote and illustrated this series of pre-school educational pocket books. The by far prevailing subject is animals.

Colouring Books – Publisher: Italy, EL Size cm. 33×24
A scuola con i dinosauri (1998); Colora e gioca con i dinosauri (2001) – Size: cm. 24×33
Colouring books for younger children including puzzles and other games, together with some basic information.