illustrazioni - cavaliere unno
For a long time, my activity was that of an editorial illustrator and author of children’s books, specialising, in particular, in designing and creating activity book series based on visual inventions in paper and cardboard. As of the past few years, I have mainly devoted myself to painting and sculpture. I paint with acrylics on canvas and on wood, and in watercolours on paper. I construct three-dimensional works in ceramics or by assembling natural materials such as wood and artificial materials such as polyester foam and recycled plastic. Some of my works are allusive, while other directly tackle a theme with crudeness; others tend to be dramatic, others still are lighter and more ironic.
ceramics - panthers


paintings - leopard's eyes


sculptures - gorilla in a cage


watercolors - borneo

on paper

illustrations - hairy monster


compasseszoo - bat

compasses zoo

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